Share and review Transfer of Value data with HCPs before it’s submitted for public review.
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About™ is a streamlined and intuitive tool that enables manufacturers to share payments information with HCPs and HCOs before data is reported to CMS or other authorities. With™, payments data is updated continually and HCPs and HCOs aren’t limited to one brief window of time for data review. Disputes are resolved early, before payments data is submitted and published. Conflicts are avoided and relationships with HCPs and HCOs are strengthened.

Step 1

Transfer of Value data is shared with physicians through™.

Step 2

HCPs review data and contact manufacturer with questions and disputes.

Step 3

Disputes are resolved and data is finalized for submission.

Step 4

Accurate data is reported and presented to the public.


Dr. Sean Naini, DO explains why™ is so important to your business and its relationships with HCPs.



Does the™ site replace CMS Open Payments or other public sites?
No. Although the same raw data is utilized for™, your company still needs to submit payments data to CMS or other governing authorities according to relevant schedule(s).

How is™ different than CMS Open Payments or other sites?
The™ site presents payment data to your HCP and HCO partners before it is submitted to CMS or other govgerning authorities. HCPs and HCOs can review that data at any time throughout the year. By contrast, CMS reports must be submitted in the beginning of April, with HCPs only having April and May to review.

Why would a healthcare provider be interested in payments data before it is submitted to governing authorities?
When you offer HCPs and HCOs access to™, they can review the payment information at any time. Disputes are resolved early, in most cases before the data is submitted for publishing.

What administrative functions are included with the™ site?™ offers you and your company the ability to search for HCPs and HCOs by any number of factors, including identifier number or name. You can view a record of HCP or HCO logins as well a download a comprehensive report of payments information.

How is the payment data sent to™?
We work with your company to establish an FTP site where you post the data collected for CMS reporting. Twice a month, we pull down the data and load it into™.

How much does™ cost? Is it a subscription-based system?
The pricing for™ is based on three components: 1) a setup and implementation fee; 2) an annual license/subscription charge based on the anticipated number of transactions per year; 3) a yearly support fee that covers two data refreshes per month, technical support, and software updates.

How is the data in™ organized?
The site is structured to allow HCPs and HCOs to search for transfers of value by category. Categories include the date of the payment, amount of the payment, and payment type. The payments can be viewed individually or in the aggregate for a selected time period.


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